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Our Wedding

How We Met…

Chantz and I met while working at the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, OK.  He had moved down here on a whim and so it is by pure “chance” that we met at all.  Since we were both stuck there over Christmas, I invited him over for our Lazy E Family Christmas.  He had been working there for about five months, but this was the first time we actually had a conversation.  After dinner we were all just mingling around talking with everyone and people started fading out to go home to bed for work the next morning.  Except Chantz.  Before we knew it, 2 AM had rolled around and we were still just sitting there chatting it up about absolutely nothing important, and it was perfect.  Before he actually left (after I reaffirmed that I need to have at least three and a half hours of sleep to be functional at work) he invited me to go riding some time out at the other farm he was working at.  Well, that was the end of that…I was sold.



The Proposal

Chantz has the great ability to make me laugh. He gets this from his smart alec sense of humor. This same sense of humor he had the night he proposed. He was over at my Condo after our “random” trip to the mall (wink, wink), and was acting very awkward. He sat down next to me with a very suspicious, half-cocked smile on his face. When he started to tell me how much he loved me, how happy he is, and so on and so forth, I started to get very suspicious. I wasn’t sure if he was going to make a joke after or just start laughing randomly with the cheesy smile he was wearing. Then he pulled out the beautiful ring, and asked me to be with him for the rest of our lives. It wasn’t exactly planned out or elaborate, but it was perfect.


I do think the best part was when he told me of his original plans. He was going to tie the ring in my horse’s (Joe) mane and call for me to come look at him. Then he realized I would be so distraught about Joe that I would not notice the ring and it would probably get dropped and lost. He knows me so well.



The Wedding Party


Part in Procession
Maid Of Honor
Lindsey Grohs Sister Of Bride
Emiley Doherty Friend Of Bride
Chasidy Bryl Friend Of Bride
Hannah Lubben Cousin Of Bride
Brittnee Earl Sister of Groom
Payton Pederson Sister of Groom
Flower Girl
Kennedee Earl Niece of Groom
Ring Bearer
Alec Grohs Nephew of Bride
Best Man
Jerry Foster Friend of Couple
Casey Overdorf Brother of Groom
CJ Earl Brother-In-Law of Groom
Sean Crane Friend of Couple

Wedding Video

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